Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our little Apache has gone to a new home in San Antonio

Well, I guess this is the last post on this blog!  Our little Apache Mesa that we brought down from Michigan is now enroute to San Antonio.  A wonderful family bought it and are planning many more adventures (probably much more adventurous than ours!).

I realized that we didn't post much in the last year or so and we should have!  In that time we went to Pendernales Falls, Garner State Park, Wimberly...  all fairly local but great times none the less.  The camper has had some additional changes - noticeably new mattresses, rims, new custom table inside and a change in the layout (fridge by the door).

Apaches are great campers, perfect size and not like anything else out there.  And they come in ORANGE!

Thanks for reading ...  Jason

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Made it alive back from Garner!

We had a great time at Garner state park, despite the rain! We actually made it there and back and missed any big downpours - the real heavy rain was Saturday night when we went to sleep. Then it came down in buckets. Our awning did not make it, I neglected to leave one side down so the water could run out so it just filled up until BLOOOOSH it broke...

All in all it was fun, had a campfire, kids and dog went swimming, nice food and company..

More photos when they are off the camera.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Took too long to post this! We've been working on it, but just haven't taken the time to write. Since our first voyage we have ditched the portable AC in favor of a window unit, are working on the awning, and are finishing up the faucet/drain. The next camp out will be awesome!